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Bid it up for Japan!

In Japan on March 24, 2011 at 11:49 pm

Now there’s a way to help earthquake and tsunami victims in Japan and at the same time also pick up a good book, have your own good book critiqued, or have a character in an upcoming good book named after you. Check out one or more of these book-themed online benefit auctions!

  • Authors for Japan: This British-based auction ended recently, raising £10,962.25 for British Red Cross. Much congratulations is due to Keris Stainton for organizing this very successful effort. Even though it is over, it is still being used as a model and inspiration for others.
  • Kidlit4Japan: This one’s mine! I didn’t have a chance to get into Authors for Japan because they organized and filled up their roster of items so quickly, so I started my own auction for the children’s and YA literature community to benefit UNICEF’s efforts to help children affected by the quake, tsunami, and nuclear crisis. It’s planned to go for three weeks and the donors and bidders have all been very generous. Among the 120 items rotating into the auction over a three week period is my own item, a chance to name a minor character in an upcoming Galaxy Games novel. Bid, bid, bid!
  • Write Hope: Another auction that organized and started at the same time as mine, with lots of great items, benefiting Save the Children’s efforts in Japan. I am offering a signed copy of The Penguins of Doom along with some sketches of the characters. Bid it up!
  • Genre for Japan: This one, like Authors for Japan, is also British-based, but you can bid from the United States or elsewhere as long as you realize the bidding is being done in British pounds. It hasn’t started yet but the focus is on speculative fiction and there will be some awesome items up for bid! Edit: I’m donating the opportunity to name a minor character in my upcoming Dungeons & Dragons book. Bid here!
  • Writers for the Red Cross: This auction was organized and started before the earthquake and tsunami hit Japan, so it’s targeted more generally for people affected by disasters in the United States and around the world.

It’s been great to see the generous members of the various book communities pull together to help the victims of the Sendai disaster. Thanks for bidding, and for helping to get the word out!

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