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Local Author Makes a Spectacle of Himself

In Metablogging on August 24, 2010 at 9:18 am

Local children’s book author Greg R. Fishbone today marked his return to The Spectacle group blog with a 60,000-word screed on the use of rutabagas in science fiction. “I’ve been thinking that there just aren’t enough books about rutabagas…” started the entry, which proceeded to describe every appearance of the root vegetables in science fiction books, movies, and video games. The exhaustive list was broken up by occasional tangents into the metaphysics of belly-button lint, Cretaceous-Era honeybees, and a bizarre conspiracy theory involving the depletion of toiletries from the U.S. Strategic Toiletry Reserves.

“The general readership has no idea why they let Greg R. Fishbone back into The Spectacle, especially after the 30,000-word anti-armadillo diatribe of 2009,” stated a longtime follower of The Spectacle which, when not being written by Mr. Fishbone, is known for insightful commentary into young adult and middle-grade speculative fiction by some of the top names in the genre. “Singleton writes for The Spectacle. Sensel writes for The Spectacle. Peevyhouse writes for The Spectacle. They don’t let just anyone in…or at least they didn’t until now.”

Sources indicate that Greg R. Fishbone is hard at work at another shared blog entry to end all shared blog entries. Cackling laughter has been heard from high atop the battlements of stately Fishbone Manor along with the ominous intonation of, “Squid! I’ve been thinking that there just aren’t enough books about squid…”