Local Children's Book Author, Greg R. Fishbone, says...

Writing Blog Moves to News Format

In Metablogging on July 28, 2010 at 9:44 pm

After nine years of sporadic online journalling, local children’s author Greg R. Fishbone announced on Tuesday that his popular writing blog, Let the Games Begin, would be shifting to a faux-journalism format.

“It’s a format that projects objectivity and professionalism even when none exist,” Fishbone explained to a large roomful of eager reporters. “Otherwise ordinary remarks, filtered through an imaginary roomful of eager reporters, seem to take on more weight and importance. One might even imagine a round of enthusiastic applause where, otherwise, there’d just be the sound of a snoring cat.” This statement was immediately greeted by a round of enthusiastic applause and a subdued meow.

Blogging experts predict the format change will allow the site to stand out more among a crowded field of competitors, leading to an expected 57% increase in readership. “Especially effective in this context are the use of made-up statistics and the citation of anonymous experts,” remarked one anonymous expert.

The change goes into effect immediately, and may be made retroactive with the help of creative editing of past posts. So is the journalism format here to stay? “Anything is possible,” said Fishbone, in an exclusive interview from his helicopter-based headquarters. “I expect this format to continue into the distant future, or at least until I get bored with it and go on to something else.”


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