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The Galaxy is in Their Hands

In Galaxy Games on May 27, 2010 at 6:58 am

Today Galaxy Games (or whatever it will eventually be called) goes to the acquisitions committee in advance of their meeting next week. For me, it’s another round of pins and needles. Unexpected things tend to happen when a committee gets involved. Not that committees are inherently bad–they’re actually a great way to apply multiple viewpoints to an issue or to solve a problem–but you can never know in advance what will come out of the process of discussion and debate. It’s going to be another nervous week and I won’t be dancing in the streets until I have an actual contract in my hand.

Books don’t get to this stage without an editor solidly behind them, vouching for their artistic merit and market potential, so that’s something and grateful for and count myself lucky to have. But the committee is making a business decision based on the needs of the company as a whole, which I imagine will include its ongoing social mission, corporate identity, and strategic plans for the future. It’s an exciting time for this particular publisher. They’re launching a new imprint and expanding into new markets, and I like to think that my book is just what they need, but of course I’m biased.

I don’t want to jinx anything so I’ll hold back the publisher’s name until the decision is made.


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