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Myserious “Project G” Finally Revealed!

In Galaxy Games on May 21, 2010 at 10:55 am

For the past few years I’ve been working on a manuscript I’ve only ever mentioned by the cryptic code name, Project G.

My previous blog readers quickly determined that Project G had to be some kind of book–a wondrous magical book that “they” didn’t want anyone to read, which was the only possible explanation for why “they” kept returning the unpublished manuscript with letters like this one:

Snoopy gets a harsh rejection.

Ouch! That's harsh.

That was the trend until earlier this year, when a talented editor saw something in Project G that her colleagues had missed. “Hey, this is good stuff,” she observed. After a bit of revision and a light vacuuming, Project G is headed for an acquisitions committee!

Today I’m finally prepared to reveal the mysterious true identity of Project G. It is the first book of a middle-grade sports and science fiction series called “Galaxy Games.” The series, if it becomes a series, will follow a team of Earth children through a sports tournament against alien children from planets across the galaxy, all competing for the galaxy’s ultimate prize.

The book is full of humor and is a whole lot of fun. The hard part has been biting my tongue to keep myself from blogging all the details and ruining everyone’s surprise at the events in the first book.


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